Nov 7 13 6:03 AM

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Hey All!

Wanted to take a moment to thank the Developers of Krypton. You have and are changing many lives in Hilton Head Island, SC. I felt this testimonial to the power of what you are offering to us was essential at this juncture.

I presented this course as an adjunct to a women's group for whom I was a member. Out of all 26 attendees, 20 signed up and only 4 made the time in their schedule to attend. As we went through Seth's course, we learned  to deal with our fear of undertaking a project, how to recognize what was broken and to become fearless in searching out the edges to find a way to provide a solution to the problem.

As a group, we focused on the Need for Inspired Teachers. What we ended up recognizing through the process was that the very women's group we were a part of was broken and wholly unsatisfying. We were being charged $30/mo to eat a substandard meal, sometimes have a guest speaker and have "cute" ways to exchange business cards. The only meaningful thing we felt we gained from the group was meeting each other. So one of the four and myself decided to start a better women's groups and so we set about mapping out what they would, look like.

We continued to venture forth in Seth's course with revelations about ourselves toppling over us and our minds being fed a diet of nutritious thoughts and insights. As we came to accept the brokenness of the women's group and the formation of a group that would better meet the needs of the women, I kept struggling with how could more people attend these amazing Krypton classes. Then, all at once, the model of the typical women's group flipped upside down and I realized the group wasn't about the meeting, the group was about the Krypton courses...thus a new group model was born.

Announcing, Soft Skills Evolution, a women's group (may grow to include men) for the personal and business development of an individual for the betterment of themselves, their work and the community. Through relationship building via content designed to open us up to one another, the result will be to create true organic networking.  This is NOT our mission statement...still working on it. But you get the idea...so this is the brilliance of the structure:

- members will attend on a weekly basis whenever possible
- 30 minute lunch prior to meeting so members get all extraneous distractions out of the way
- meeting calendar looks like this
  week 1: guest speaker introduces Krypton class topic
  weeks 2-5: members meet to discuss current topic
  week 6: guest speaker wraps up topic
  week 7-8: lighter or inspirational topics on technology, health  wellness etc
- Krypton class structure looks like this
  one person leads the overall meeting
  participants sit at tables of no more than 8/table, may change tables up week to week or maintain group table
  leaders at each table will keep group focused and on topic
  any off topic comments are written on white paper to be submitted to our groups intranet to be discussed in that forum, if desired. (In other words, if it is that important, it can wait until later when we can give it our full, undivided attention.

NOTE: we have individuals lining up to be a part of this group when we launch in January. 

We are presenting this group opportunity in our community. We just had our local think tank "Hilton Head Institute" put on a huge 3-day premiere event on thought provoking topics and we attended to represent the younger community. We presented that what they are doing once a year in a huge, fantastic event, we will be doing on a weekly basis for very little out of pocket (membership to cover cost of conference room, unless we can get a sponsor or two and lunches will be bring your own or delivered).

THANK YOU Krypton for inspiring me/us to find a way to give back to the members of our community!