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Oct 3 13 11:16 PM

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I have programmed our first meeting for tuesday 8th, I have gathered the people, and today, half of them have quitted. OOHHHH!!!!
My impressions are:
- the content is in english and that's unconfortable: should find a target more familiar with English
- Seth Godin is not so known over here so it doesn't catch: pity
- the topic sounded "intimate", and even being so loud, we don´t like exposing ourselves
- I haver reached my friends and colleagues: next time I will approach other communities which I don't know

the material is there, my aim as well... I will try once again and see!

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Oct 22 13 5:16 PM

HI Iratxe, Did you have any luck getting a 2nd class off the ground? I only have one person that I know in my class. I literally just set up a meet up and people began to sign up. I had 2 people I didn't know come to the first class, then 2 more, and 3 have stopped coming but 2 of them are consistent, making just 4 of us. I keep my class to one hour over the lunch break on Tuesdays, my group likes that because it keeps us on topic and doesn't take away from family time on nights and weekends. It was very intimidating setting up a class and having no idea if anyone would show up but they did and I figure that the ones that stay are the ones I am meant to connect with and learn with.
So, maybe just try setting up a class, with one other person you know and trust, and in a public place, and see who shows up. I printed off the Gnawal picture and walked around the restaurant and the people looking for it found it :) Let me know how try 2 goes. Feel free to google+ me and email me because I don't check this forum often. :) thanks, Marsha

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Oct 23 13 4:05 AM

I decided the first topic would not be appealing to those in my area of rural Georgia, particularly after seeing the problems reported here. However, the third course "Happiness" just released looks more like something I could tackle. I'm thinking of offering it through the public library.


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Nov 7 13 5:28 AM

Hey, my two cents....don't sell any of the courses short...nor the author of the content.

> Iratxe, did you actually poll the individuals who quit? If they quit over this info, then yes, they are not your target group. This material applies to everyone...from students to professionals to homemakers and on. It can be as personal and heavy or as light as an individual chooses for it to be. Of they shy away from it, they are not ready or willing to do any soft skill building.

I had 20 sign up and 4 show up. Only one person in my group knew of Seth. The material had a profound effect on all of us. Like Marsh said, definitely do it in a public locale. Keep at it!

> Marsha, I started with a small group. I am going to reveal what happened to our group in another post. Very cool stuff. You can grow your group by each person inviting 1-3 people to an informative session about what you got out of the first class...just riff on it. I know it is hard if one person can't make it then you feel like why meet. So we think the numbers are important to compensate for fluctuations in attendance.

> Lane, don't underestimate the power of the topics. It applies to everyone. It had such a profound effect on my group and now we are making some major contributions to our community due to the course.


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