Oct 2 13 5:35 AM

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I'm fortunate as I am part of a women's networking group. We are looking at ways of strengthening the group in the areas of personal and business development. I saw that offering these courses to the group would be a value-added benefit to being a member of our networking group.

I gave a speech to the group the work before the start date that told the story of my own personal > business development and how individuals like Seth Godin made such an impact. As I told my story, I wove Seth's own development and view points into my story as I had adopted them. By then end, I was able to put forth a call to action for these women to be "Audacious" in their lives and seize this opportunity for growth. Apparently, it did the trick as I had roughly 15 of the 20 present to sign up.

Granted, the turn around was too quick for some to make the class the following week, we had 6 say they could attend and 4 that actually were able to make the first meeting. And that was still great...as this is the core who will help develop the course protocols for the group as it grows.

We met at Panera Bread...which I thought would be slow,  it was way too loud. I strongly suggest either a private dining area, conference room or home location. Still, we pushed forth. I did allow chit chat at the beginning and also asked what each person hoped to get out of the course. Out of the 4, I was the only one to do the complete assignment, only two of us did everything, but the interview, on person read and listened to most of the materials and the other one hadn't a clue, but was game.

My ice breaker was to put them in my shoes when I had been asked to speak in front of our group; how would it have made them feel, where the fear came from. We also talked about the fear when you know your name is called upon in a groups and you must present yourself. So they had that feeling their gut as we proceeded through our conversation.

I knew this might happen, so I prepared myself to be the person of whom they would interview. Which works well, as I am an entrepreneur and failure is a fact of life. I presented the evolution of my work and kept drawing the interviewee questions into the discussion about fear and made references to Seth's interview from time to time. The person who had done the work loved this as they knew the interview and could see applications of it in my life.

The meeting went well. We all participated and gave feedback of the value of what they got from this first lesson. We all deemed it was so worthwhile and we know as people get involved moving forward, they will feel the benefit, too. In a word, we were psyched!

Moving forward, until our group as strong and stable, I think I will prepare for some people not having gotten though the lesson plan and, when possible, devise a way for them to feel included. Also, at the beginning, I made an agreement that we would always announce cell phones off and that if someone had an impending reason they needed it on, they needed to announce at the beginning of the meeting so as not to appear rude or careless.

Loved the first lesson and looking forward to the next!