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Sep 28 13 3:03 PM

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Hi Friends,

Thought it could be useful to acquaint attendees with Seth during our first meeting.  Jonathan Fields (of the Good Life Project) has a great 37 min interview with him, and he has graciously given permission to recut the video and share it with you.  The cutdown is 4:32 min and highlights the potions I thought were most relevant to Course #001.

See here:

Here's the YouTube link:


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Sep 29 13 1:33 PM

Thanks for sharing, Billy. I'm expecting 10 on Tuesday. Maybe I need to divide the group into two after introductions (when we start digging into the coursework)?

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Sep 30 13 7:00 PM

Thank you!

erobes - thank you for the video.  I'm just getting prepared for our first KCC class tomorrow morning at 7:45.  I think the video will be a good way get things kick started.  Thank you for taking the time and sharing!

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