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My results from the First Week--what worked and what I could have done better

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Sep 25 13 3:23 AM

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My group is a neighborhood group. It hadn't started that way. I invited a range of people but ended up with people all within walking distance. This gave some nice diversity to the group since we are not working together but means that we all knew each other.

I began the meeting with an overview of Seth's work. I stressed his earlier history in marketing with Purple Cow, Meatball Sunday, and All Marketers are Liars.  I then described how he moved in a new direction, focusing on personal development, with Tribes and Linchpin. Finally, I talked about his newer projects--where he deliberately took new risks. First with his own publishing as the Domino project and finally with his kickstarter campaign and massive simultaneous three book launch in January. I felt it was important to focus on his history to show that he has a strong history of taking risks and shipping products. This was also helpful for those not familiar with his vocabulary (shipping, the Dip, Linchpin, Tribe, Purple Cow).

We then reviewed the reading material (only one person had done their homework!). This took more time than I would have like, but it did ease us into working as a group. The biggest challenge for the evening was that this is sensitive material--failure. Because I have been reading Seth's work and others, I am comfortable with talking about failure. Others weren't. It seemed that the group was more comfortable talking about failures in general than in bringing up personal experiences. It was then harder to talk about fear of failure if we couldn't talk about our own failures.

Fortunately, the group did loosen up as the evening went on. As one person said, you have to talk and talk and talk before you can start talking. In our final wrap-up, everyone seemed to have a good takeaway from the discussion. Many people quoted something that a different person had said as a great insight. I certainly found the evening to be far more powerful than reading on my own (as Seth had predicted). 

Next week's topic--Things that are Broken seems like it will be good one.

What I would have done differently:

1. After people had confirmed for the first session, I sent a reminder email. Next time, I will include the text and links from the pdf for that week's class in the body of the email. I think this will increase the chance that people actually read it.
2. I should have done a better ice breaker. Since people knew each other already, I didn't think it was necessary. However, a good discussion requires more intimacy than a normal neighborhood gathering. 

Finally, I am going to invite a couple more people to the next meeting even though they missed the first one. I'm hoping to keep this going beyond the first month, so I need a bigger group.

I look forward to reading how other people's session went.

Dan O'Neil
Rockville, MD
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Sep 30 13 12:09 AM

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Krypton on the forum. I have a couple of questions, hope you can help. (I was not able to post earlier, so I emailed you as well)

1. Looks like you had a reasonable size group for your first meeting. Only 2 people have registered for mine so far. Do you think I should still go ahead with the meeting or postpone it to the next week in hopes of gaining few more.

2. You said, you became with an overview of Seth's work. I am a new Seth aficionado. But I would like to copy your idea of introducing Seth's work before the meeting. Do you happen to have anything prepared (written) that I can use for my meeting too. It will take me a long time to read few of Seth's books to become knowledgeable about his work.

thank you,

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Oct 1 13 7:43 AM

Having only  three people in your first meeting will make it a small group. However, I would encourage you to move forward. Hopefully you can get more people  before it starts. If not, you could hold it with three and keep trying to bring more people in.

For the overview of Seth's work, I see that someone else has posted  a good interview that highlights what he has done. 

Good luck and let us know how your session goes!


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Oct 4 13 6:50 PM

Great to read your posts.

I met with a few women fom church with the idea to reignite the passion and drive in women over 35 who may not have accomplished all they set out to and are feeling past their prime in this increasingly young marketing genre.

We had 9 women, and many did not read the PDF though it was mailed. But, what I found helpful was to summarize the info for each article that should have been read and the video and ask questions for individually specific feedback. This was well received and each person felt involved.

They are all eager to return next week and complete the homework. I think that there may be a need to either cap the size of the groups or make sure to break big groups into smaller groups for discussion and then get back together to make sure all persons contribute. The best thing about this program is the group share and discussions and people can get lost and intimidated if the crowd is too large.

Our culture expects food at meetings otherwise people will not show, so in pairs we roster the food provider role. So far it seems nice. This is our second meeting with the first being a meet and greet, icebreaker, course overview, and expectations.

I have seen in this short time some hope for the reigniting of passion, in these women and I am excited!

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