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Sep 24 13 12:00 PM

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On the page titled Week 1, pre-class. 
Then, under the subtitle "Questions to think about....(45 minutes)"
In the questions, it talks about "the initiator". Who is "the initiator" in these questions?

Thanks bunches! 
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Sep 25 13 9:24 AM

Giving this my best shot in answering my own question now that I've had time to really look things over.

It seems to me that "the initiator" and "project initiator" referenced to in the questions under "Questions to think about...(45 Minutes)" is referring back to the "Think and write:" section when it asks the participants to "Identify a person (neighbor, colleague, friend) who has brought something new into the world."

Actually, this doesn't make sense to me either. Identify a person........have a conversation about that person......then the questions switch to my own projects. If the "Questions to think about..." refer to the person I'm to identify in the "Think and write" section I can't answer all the questions I can only suppose.

How ironic to realize as I type the above material that I'm living out the lesson??? This is very vulnerable and fearful for me to put in a forum post. Especially, after no replies to my initial question.

It could very well be possible that a group is formed as I reach out for help in figuring out this first week's assignments.

Could it be I'm too new to this? I just started reading Mr. Godin's books two months ago. Finished Purple Cow and am reading All Marketers Are Liars *slash* Tell Stories.

Thanks for reading my ponderings and enduring my quandary.

No matter what, our community needs this. So I'm committed.

Lastly, the title of the course is:
Go: How to Overcome Fear, Pick Yourself, & Start a Project that Matters
Again, being new to this, is "Pick Yourself" intentional as opposed to "Pick Yourself UP"? If so, I really like that!!! Very creative.

Thanks folks!

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Oct 1 13 4:47 PM

I agree - the text seems to be out of order - I think I will run it with the last two sections switched around. The idea is (I hope) that thinking about other people's experiences will naturally develop into a conversation about more personal experiences.

Also, the term 'pick yourself' is intentional. Seth uses the term to differentiate between 'waiting to be picked/discovered' and making it happen (picking yourself). In the age of connectivity, we are all able to pick ourselves rather than needing the approval of a gatekeeper such as an editor, agent, music label, gallery etc.
I hope that helps!

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Oct 1 13 5:00 PM

Good for you for reaching out LeeAnn. I agree that if posting on a forum created an "emotion of fear" in you then you are correct, you are living the lesson.
I honestly didn't read into these lessons to much. I skimmed the lessons and as an organizer of my first meeting today, I just helped guide the group and tried to keep us on track and on time (because we meet over lunch time so I am trying to keep our meeting to one hour).
My understanding of  "Pick Yourself" is more of just deciding to not wait for anyone to tellyou that you are worthy of your dreams. Decide that you can create  your own life, work that is important and move past fear to allow yourself to accomplish all that you are meant to accomplish in life. That is my take on the  "Pick yourself" phrase.

Best wishes! Marsha

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Oct 2 13 5:09 AM

This confused me, too. I was thinking maybe the initiator was mistyped and they mean the interviewer. Then I listened to the interview and that didn't seem right. So the Initiator had to be the person who initiated the "project". Would have helped if the text had coined that name in the text above it when referencing the individual you are to interview.

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