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Sep 20 13 2:13 PM

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I wanted to put this out there because I was really excited about the results of my first course.  Just for a little perspective, I work for a large corporation and I am a junior manager in a R&D group.  In the past 2 years I have noticed that my company has become more entrepreneurial and I feared for those that didn't really understand what that meant for them.  There are many people within my organization that have been in their position for 12+ years and if you observed our parking lot you would notice many quarter century parking spaces (employees who have worked there for 25+ years). 

So I decided to take my fear and dance with it!  I felt that this course was timely and it would help deliver a message I truly believe in.  In my group I have another junior manager that has been with the company for over 8 years, an admin asst that has been there over 15, a tech lead that is pushing, maybe over 10+, an engineer with well over 10, and a technician also over 10.

The discussion we had was phenominal and everyone took to the course really well.  Everyone was extremely engaged and discussion continued even after the class.  We are all really looking forward to class 2.

So if anyone is considering doing this in a corporate structure I say go for it.  It is already producing positive results for my organization.
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