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Sharing my observations from a group learning environment I participated in ...

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Sep 18 13 8:13 AM

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Ellie Rezk and I'm located in New Jersey, USA on the Jersey Shore.

How exciting it is to be part of this international community of generous people!

I thought it would be valuable to share a few observations about a group learning environment I participated in.

From 2010-2012, I attended a new meetup at a local spiritual center where we learned about the power of positive thinking.

Some came into the group curious, some came in broken ... all were transformed.

The personal growth I experienced and witnessed wasn't only because of the book we were reading.  The magic came by applying the concepts in real life and sharing our experiences with each other, learning from one another.

The group was extremely productive so just thought I'd share a few things that worked ...
  • We sat in a circle
  • We always started off each week by going around the circle introducing ourselves and stating why we were there .. very powerful to have people share their "why."
  • We then opened up the group to share positive stories about progress made during the week.
  • We used a book to guide our discussion.  We usually did a fun, interactive exercise, but most of our time was spent sharing and learning from each other.
  • Soon, everyone in the room became a teacher because shared experiences resonated with others.
  • Our leader did a good job of making sure everyone had a fair chance to express him/herself during the meeting.  Some tend to want to speak more than others, but it's important to keep this in check because people get frustrated when one or two dominate the discussion.
  • Each of us would bring a drink and/or snack, but no food was served.  The reason I don't think it's a good idea to make food a focal point is because others may be intimidated to lead if they think they need to provide food (entertain).  I would also imagine that food would be distracting.  Of course, do whatever you are comfortable doing.
  • We arrived, settled into our chairs and got down to business. When the session was over .. that's when we'd mingle, go for a coffee, etc.
  • Personally, I think the quieter the environment the better.  I'm hoping to not have to resort to a bustling coffee shop.
If I think of anything else, I'll continue to post, but I plan on using this kind of framework because it fostered group learning so well.

Feel free to ask any questions, and I'd be happy to get back to you!


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Sep 20 13 12:59 PM

Thank you

Great experience to share and so valuable, thank you for sharing.  Does anyone else have any other experiences to share?  What didn't work is just as important

Be brilliant!

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Sep 23 13 2:48 AM

cool! thanks for sharing ellie.

thinking about social gatherings that i've been to, i thought food would be a good addition but i thought about it again after reading your post. i'll be more considerate of factors that may contribute or hinder outcomes of gathering and focus on the things that would help the group to focus on the discussions

q: how did you use book(s) to guide your discussions?

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