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Sep 17 13 7:00 PM

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I thought this would be a good place to brainstorm recruiting ideas. I am seeing a lot of this: single forum posts / tweets / meetups started, but with zero, one, or two replies. (My own area, Long Island NY, included.)

Since I don't work in an office, and none of my FaceBook friends are interested (sadly), I have to find a way to recruit 7 strangers. I am thinking about creating a very simple, small card or flyer to leave a stack of in my local coffee shop.

Any other ideas welcome! Thanks :) ... Matt
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Sep 18 13 12:28 PM

You might be able to go to attendees of the Icarus Sessions - people who already are fans of Seth's work are going to be more likely to join. I personally am inviting friends, and friends of friends, and seem to be getting a good response ratio even though quite a few of them aren't very familiar with Seth. Changing the way that you think/talk about the Krypton Courses can probably improve your odds, too. The flyer idea isn't bad, but one of the downsides of that - along with asking the attendees of the Icarus Sessions - is that you'd mostly be doing this with strangers, which is going to make it a bit less personal and thus effective than it could be otherwise.

Good luck, Matt! =)

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Sep 24 13 10:36 AM

I'm in the same boat

How are folks doing in the recruiting department?

According to the Meetups Everywhere page, only 35 of the 125 Krypton Course communities started so far (through September 24) have any Kryptonites enrolled, and only one community has 6 enrollees (the minimum "ideal size" for a group according to Seth Godin's blog post of September 10).

- Does this mean that Meetup isn't a particularly effective recruiting tool?
- Are there other sites that have proved more successful?
- Has anyone used Craigslist?
- Does anyone have "recruiting" tips or online material that they would like to share?

Let's get a discussion going.  

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Oct 5 13 1:55 PM

I never expected Meetup to be a source of scholars but it has been for me (Brisbane, Australia). All of these people are already familiar with Seth's work and found the page by being on the Krypton mailing list.
Having said that, my take on the concept of Krypton was that we were meant to invite 'actual' friends and I have done this as well, via email and face to face chats to explain the idea.
We have a group of 8 with 7 attending in the first week, although not everyone has signed up to meetup.
I would be concerned about inviting people you don't know that also are not aware of Seth's work as I feel that the course concept is built on a level of trust - either personally or through the trust that Seth has built with his fans. I would be keen to hear other's opinions on this though.....

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