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Find/Register your Krypton Class on MeetUp map HERE

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Sep 16 13 1:16 PM

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Hi Kryptonites (what I think we will start referring to ourselves as), image

Someone very generously started a Meetup Map that lists all the Krypton Classes around the world. You can find a class nearby or start a new one! I know someone already posted the link in a previous Forum Feed; however, I wanted to make sure it didn't get hidden.
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#2 [url]

Sep 18 13 4:21 AM

It would be helpful if the locations on the map included more than a city name. Portland (not that it matters to me, being dead center between Oregon and Maine) isn't meaningful all on its own. Littleton?

Especially nice since the pins on the map aren't clickable and don't have any popup information. Hard to tell if my nearest meetup is in St. Paul Minnesota, or Kansas City.

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