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Sep 16 13 8:56 AM

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I've been a teacher most of my adult life, and I'm excited to be part of a pioneering educational effort. I don't need to make any money doing this, but if it were possible it would make it easier for me to devote more time to the project.

So, what are your thoughts about organizers getting something for their efforts?

My preference right now is to have the equivalent of a "tip jar," where there would be no pressure to contribute, but it would be a tangible way for students to express their appreciation and provide encouragement for more courses.

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Sep 17 13 2:10 AM

I reckon its probably contrary to the whole idea. The content, which you will be receiving learning from, is being offered for free; this is an experiment, so its in beta stage so to speak meaning its not proven so you cant gaurentee the quality of product being offered; you are not providing the content yourself and the dynamic of the participants is hoped to help your learning, so their effort provides as much of a service to you as you will to them. As for chipping in for snacks and drinks i think that would work.

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Sep 17 13 2:25 AM

Can you afford to meet and develop intellectually stimulating and fun relationships with a good group of people otherwise? A small jar for snacks and drinks sound like a good idea from my POV. I'll be joining a group in Toronto :)

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Sep 18 13 12:32 PM

I think the tip jar should only cover costs of food/drinks, and I probably won't even put a jar out (I like cooking).

If you aren't going to be learning from this, and are just planning on teaching, you might be starting a group for the wrong reasons. This probably has to do with the fact that the people who are hosting these are called 'organizers', not 'teachers'.

That being said, I understand the desire for compensation when you're putting your time and energy into planning an event. I hope your group has a great experience =) and good luck!

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