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Sep 16 13 12:55 AM

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Hi everyone,

I'm Ngoc from Vietnam. I'm very excited to lead the very first Krypton course. I would like to thank Seth Godin and the Krypton team for creating this project!

As I am preparing the 1st session, I wonder if learning would be less effective if the participants are completely random and they don't know each other before? Would that make them uncomfortable and thus affect the learning experience of the group?
Or is it better to form a group based on a network of friends and acquaintances?

Thanks a lot!  :)

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Sep 17 13 2:39 AM

hey ngoc, good question. I think it would be great either way as long as you all have some interest in learning materials. Small group is ok to start with imo but definitely look and speak out for ways of inviting more people each week. Don't forget to add some food and make it fun :)

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