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Sep 15 13 4:26 AM

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I'm in! I'm pumped! I'm learning already. I feel humbled. 

First observation: Geography as an identifier? Our location seems important since our initial introductions on this forum call out our geographical location as if it matters. Perhaps near the end of the project we will glean some information about the role that location and culture play in this learning project. But as an organizer, my learning and activity in this forum is certainly not limited to my geographically local tribe. However, this observation has certainly sparked my curiosity about the fluidity of our mental travels between our on-line and off-line worlds.
  • I plan to pay attention to the strategies of we use to ENGAGE learning and each other in both the LIVE and DIGITAL groups I operate within during this project. 
Second Observation: I feel nervous/anxious. This visceral energy seems to also include excitement, vulnerability and creativity.  Obviously my performance and success in this project is very important to me, otherwise my lizard brain would not be sounding the alarm ~ "Are you sure you can do this?".  How are you feeling? 

I also feel grateful for this opportunity ~ Thanks Seth and Team Krypton
Learn on!
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Sep 15 13 5:03 AM

Me too

I also feel a bit anxious but excited.  I am not sure how, when or where but I know I want to make this happen.  Falls in line with a vision I have had for many years on "tribal learning".  :)

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Sep 16 13 11:11 AM

Observation # 3

Don't thrash around about it for too long - Just Ship! - I often hear these words echo in Seth's voice inside my head which actually is quite helpful ~ LOL.

Third observation: 'Holding on loosely' works! ,I'm hosting an experience, the sum of which will be far greater than my expectations so...

  1. Trust - the exact right people will show up otherwise you're self doubt will get pinged by every polite decline.
  2. [highlight=#fcfcff]At 6 hours after sending the invite; I have 2 interested but no committed folks ~ it seems availability is relevant. [/highlight]

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