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Sep 15 13 3:46 AM

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Would it make sense to use to find interested participants, if you've recently moved to a new area?
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Sep 15 13 4:38 AM

icarus sessions

I plan to touch based with folks I met in our local icarus sessions through They know Seth's work, they are adventurous learning and they want to do work that matters. 

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Sep 15 13 5:17 PM


Good Deals shanestranahan!
I just may take you up on it

"shanestranahanHey folks, on the subject of Meetup - I just started this Meetup Everywhere account for the Krypton Courses. It could be a good base for action, if we use it well.

If anybody wants to change something on the page, please let me know."


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Sep 16 13 4:58 AM

Made a meetup for Winchester

That was easy!!! Thanks

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Sep 17 13 10:11 PM

Change the name of the community

Thanks Shane for creating the meetup community. I created a community, but realized I've to rename it. I couldn't find out how to rename a community. Any help??


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Sep 18 13 12:24 PM

Hey, Anil! If you haven't invited anyone yet, it might be best to delete it and recreate it... if you created it using the Meetup Everywhere page, though, it should have automatically named your group based on your location.

If this doesn't help, I'd recommend talking to the folks at Meetup- I don't work for them, and wouldn't know how to help you troubleshoot this. Good luck! =)

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#12 [url]

Sep 18 13 2:30 PM

Another community needs a new name

Hi Shane, In order to give the group broader appeal, I wanted to include "Rhode Island" in the group name, not just the name of one town. But I intuited incorrectly how to do this, with the result that the group is now named "Rhode Island Kryptonites Kryptonites" -- kind of off-putting to potential members. With "Meetup Everywhere", unlike with local Meetup groups, it turns out that the only person who can remove a Meetup is the administrator who created the Meetup Everywhere page. To quote from "Who controls a Meetup Everywhere -- An administrator creates and curates each Meetup Everywhere page. The administrator can remove Meetups, appoint or remove Organizers, and moderate attendees and comments. Members of the Meetup Everywhere community contribute ideas and participate in their local Meetups within the community." You might also be interested in "Meetup Everywhere: Best Practices and Examples" at for help putting out fires. I hope you can help me by deleting my blunder. Thanks,Michelle

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#16 [url]

Sep 26 13 8:19 AM

Shane, can you assist?

Hi Shane,

Sent you a private message a couple days ago.  I mistakenly created a "community" within the Krypton Meetup Everywhere titled "Minneapolis - Section B".  My intention was to create a meetup event (not a community) titled "Minneapolis - Section B" within the existing "Minneapolis" community.  I have two sections posted within Minneapolis and wondering if you could please delete the extraneous community?


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