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Sep 14 13 10:57 PM

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I'm in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Anybody else from the UK here?

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Sep 17 13 9:03 AM

Ah Bridget, you lifesaver, I was just about to go set one up. Nice one, thanks.

How does the 2pm-4pm time work for people? I'd be more keen on an evening, after work.


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Sep 17 13 12:16 PM

I would love to come but I can't make it during the day. Starting at 6pm - 7pm would be great for me. Should we create a second group for that? I do have a location to meet at.

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Sep 18 13 10:32 AM

@BridgetFSM -- very familiar with Doodle -- good suggestion. That said, I hadn't actually planned on organizing a group this go-round. I'm in the middle of a particularly busy time at the moment and need to set some boundaries for what I commit to. And so far in this thread, I've seen that many of us are a bit scattered location-wise. It just seemed that there were a fair number of us who preferred evenings, so a 2nd group is a good idea. If someone wants to take the lead in organizing, I'm happy to advise (organizing is part of what I do for my business) -- just can't coordinate all the details myself. I know you're already coordinating your afternoon group, so that was more of a throw-out to the group in general.

Any takers out there?

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