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Oct 31 13 10:55 AM

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Hi , I just created an Event on FB and invited all my friends. I'm very nervous and excited. Any advice?
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Nov 1 13 3:57 AM

Did you announce the topic? Based on several factors, including what I've read on this form, I've decided not to use Course #1 for my first attempt. I thinking about using the "happiness" course instead.


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Nov 2 13 3:13 PM

HI Marcia, I am Marsha! I set up a meetup here in Orlando, FL and just let the chips fall. I have a small group of 4 and I love it. It's small enough that we get through the materials in 1 hour. I keep the conversation flowing and just try to make sure everyone contributes. We are finished with the first 4 classes but we are taking one more week to work on the ship it log. We all have projects we are working on so I plan to talk about the ship it log for the first 5 minutes of each new class  so that it helps keep us accountable to our projects. My group is all very commited to this journey and having a great time going through the process. Feel free to email me at because I don't get on this forum very often. Good Luck!

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Nov 4 13 10:42 AM

Topic: The Sociology of Success: Culture and choice

Hi Lane
Thanks for pointing out my obvious first mistake; not listing the topicimage I'm using the material from Malcom Gladwell~The Sociology of Success: Culture and choice


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Nov 7 13 5:16 AM

I just wrote a bunch of great info, then lost it...sorry. Here is the short list.

Don't underestimate the power of a small group
You are doing this for you - stay true to yourself and others will follow
Show up at meeting early and ALWAYS be prepared
Prepare as if not everyone made the time to read the material - they will appreciate the effort
Cell phones silenced unless a reasonable explanation for it laying out is given at beginning of class, and then on vibrate
Who are You to be leading this? YOU are the person who recognized how amazing this is and are a conduit to your area of the world - Own It!
Have fun!


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Nov 7 13 9:32 AM

Thank You!

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to list such great advice, I'm very humbled! Unfortunately, I had a poor turnout at my first meeting. In fact, no one showed up. I'm not sure if I should continue organizing or not, still on the fence about it.

Thanks again!

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Nov 7 13 12:12 PM


Seriously, Marcia? Consider doing the Seth Godin class all on your own...a dry run, if you will. It will help reposition you towards offering Krypton classes. If you won't lead, who will. Find a few other committed individuals and make it happen. Why? Because it resonated with you. You need this. And if you need this, someone else needs this, too. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. I can promise you that on the other end, you will be amazed what you will discover about yourself. 

You CAN do this...if it is important enough to you. Get rid of doubts and only put out there your beliefs.


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