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Oct 5 13 1:32 PM

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Hi everyone, I started a group in Brisbane Australia and what a great decision that was!
Our first meeting was on Friday 4th which coincided with my last day at a job I hated (yes, I quit, I wasn't fired).
In fact, the decision to run the course came soon after I tendered my resignation. It seems - for me anyway - that once you start making changes in one area of life, the momentum kinda kicks in.

Just to be clear here, I have never initiated any kind of group in my life. In fact I'm not much of a 'joiner' either (until last week I wasn't even of Facebook) so this was a BIG deal for me to put my hand up.
Once the meetup map went up, I nervously watched to see if anyone in Brisbane would set one up and then I decided to just do it. I invited a couple of friends that are in a personal growth phase right now and was having a think about who else might be interested when 'strangers' started  adding their names to the meetup page. Holy crap, I didn't expect that!  I booked a public venue (a room in our city library) for the meeting so any nervousness about meeting strange men (sorry Jason and Niv) could be put to rest.

Friday rolled around pretty fast and we ended up with a group of 7 people. What a fantastic group! I started everyone off with an introduction about themselves and what attracted them to the course and then it just naturally flowed from there. Not everyone had done all the homework but I had anticipated this and it didn't really matter too much. The topic for the first week really helped break the ice and everyone shared honestly. 

Our group is made up of people at different stages along the continuum of starting their own project - some have their own businesses already, some are building something on the side and some are searching for the idea that will move them forward. What's wonderful about this is that the early adopters will be able to help the searchers to find their way and I already see this dynamic starting to occur. 

 I am so happy that I made the commitment to do this - with the smallest commitment of time and energy, I already feel that I have been paid back 100 fold! Make no mistake - this has been a life changing experience.
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Oct 9 13 2:53 AM

I can feel your energy and excitement through your post!  I don't even know you but I'm so proud of you!! :))  And so happy for you!
Isn't it great how things naturally flow when people are sharing and learning together??
Thanks for sharing!
*high five*

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Oct 19 13 7:04 AM

Hi Del, Due to scheduling hiccups our Toronto group is meeting for the first time tomorrow. As I was the initiator, I've had a month to fret about how it's going to turn out. Your post was exactly what I needed to put the worries aside and get charged up. Thank you. P.S. Good luck finding a job that's a better fit with all your positive energy.

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Oct 19 13 7:43 PM

Thanks Lynda, I am actually working on a business project (early days yet!) so I guess you could say I am walking the talk. Regarding your nervousness I imagine that if I had a month to think about this I may have lost my nerve so hang in there! Just remember that while you are the initiator this is a very collaborative process and everyone wants to be there so there is really nothing to be worried about. I have found that posts from others in the forum have been really useful to help fine-tune each session - we were running a few days behind everyone else which proved to be a good thing! Good luck and enjoy the process! cheers Del

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