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Oct 9 13 4:08 AM

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The link for the week 3 reading excerpt of Poke the Box leads to the Amazon purchase page.  Requiring my class participants to make a purchase seems contrary the class, so I looked online for the excerpt for free.  I've already got it in Kindle, but I found a link to the 1st 11 pages of the book online here:

That way people in far corners of the world or who don't want to purchase can still do the reading.

Meanwhile, I'm going to reread my full copy.  It is worth it.
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Oct 9 13 3:40 PM

Thanks for that - I am a week behind you and haven't had a good look at week 3 yet.
- while I am in favour of my group investing in Seth's books, I think it would be better if this was made a requirement up front (prior to the start of the course) in order to give everyone a chance to get hold of them in their preferred format (print or ebook). 

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