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Oct 7 13 4:21 AM

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Hi Everyone,
I had some questions regarding the 2nd week of the course. Did anyone realize that the link in Week-2 pre-class for Edgecraft was broken? Was this intentional for students like us to find that the link is broken ? :P

My goal here is to learn and understand. I couldn't understand much of the blogpost regarding Edgecraft (This link is not broken). I could understand the point behind the other blog posts and the video. Here's what I could understand of the week-2 pre-class activities:
1. Off-roading: Just doing something more wouldn't help. When we build products, we should offer a significant advantage over other products and be ready to take the risk. I couldn't also understand the point "1. If a focus group likes it, don't do it" . Why shouldn't a focus group like it?
2. you-are-your-references : This post is pretty simple to understand that our history is already there on internet. Everything we do is tracked now, so it's much easier for everyone to evaluate our performance.
3. EdgeCraft: This post is something I couldn't understand.  What I could understand is that this is very similar to off-roading where we should build a significant advantage over a product to market it.

I would appreciate if anyone could help me understand/elaborate it. I might be wrong in understanding the edge craft blogpost.
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Oct 8 13 9:27 AM

Hi everyone,
I couldn't really understand edgecrafting. Is edgecrafting something which has both advantages and disadvantages? I am referring to page 12 in the organizer pdf. Here, we are going to talk about edges, but i couldn't really understand "Edge". As pointed in the pdf, wikipedia has an edge- it lives on its free contributors. But,is that an advantage or an disadvantage? I couldn't really understand.

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Oct 8 13 9:54 PM


Just thought I'd try to help you with your questions, although this is just my interpretation of the Edgecraft post.

Edgecraft is the art of taking an element of your product or business and pushing it to the limits, hoping to bring about remarkability.  The edge doesn't necessarily have to be directly related to your product/business either ... but your business could eventually be known and/or succeed because of the edge.

A simple example would be a theatre that has the most comfortable reclining chairs.  The theatre is selling movie tickets but customers choose that theatre over another because of the comfy chairs.

An example of an edge related to a business would be a burger joint known for the most generous burger patties.

If the market embraces your 'edge,' then it's an advantage; if the market doesn't embrace your edge, then it's a disadvantage.

A business can discover its edge on purpose/top down approach ("Let's make the most generous burger patties.") or by accident/unintentional ("Wow, we only have 5 items on our menu but people actually love the idea of simplicity/fewer items.")

Another example is an upscale lounge that has 3 different types of ice (crushed, small cube, and large cube) depending on the drink. This attention to ice and optimal melting for each drink shows the customer that the business cares about their drink. The drinks are created for optimal enjoyment and the lounge gets more repeat business.

Another example that comes to mind is a local donut shop that opened up where I live.  They offer made-to-order donuts and customers choose their own toppings.  Not only are the donuts fresh, the customer is given the experience of creating their customized donut.  

Hope this helps.

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