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Sep 17 13 3:06 AM

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Hello, I see that the forum is getting larger and thought that it would be good to keep a single thread where you can offer comments and suggestions on changes you'd like to see on this forum

Can we have a separate section for finding groups? Some good discussion topics and questions are getting drowned in it :(
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Sep 17 13 5:22 AM

Separate Group for Localities?

Can we have a separate section for finding groups?

I'd like to add my vote for this. The discussions about actually doing this thing are swamped by messages from people seeking others in their own community.  It would focus things if there was a separate forum for community-related threads.


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Sep 17 13 8:25 AM

Great suggestion Billy. We are working on going through today to clean out the forum so that the location related posts don't dominate the conversation. Check back this afternoon.

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Oct 7 13 3:50 AM

What happened to organizing the forum? We still only have one general area. Additionally, I can't even sort the topics by the date. Perhaps this is a problem with Chrome. Even when I click on the post date heading, the topics remain in a random order.

I get the feeling that the managers of this project have stepped away. Is that correct? If you are looking for fresh blood to move this forward, I would be honored to join your team.

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Oct 7 13 12:01 PM

Hi Dan,

Unfortunately, the forum platform doesn't allow us to organize into categories. So, essentially, we only have one may area to collect all the topics. I've gone through and tried to delete topics that are irrelevant or location based. Otherwise, we are limited to the forum platform. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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Oct 8 13 4:51 AM

I have to wonder what led the forum creators to choose this platform. I've been on lots of forums and reviewed a number of platforms for my own use. This is the first one I've seen that didn't default to a date/time sort for threads in a forum.

It may not be possible to organize in categories, but it seems possible to have multiple forums, which can serve the same purpose.


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Oct 8 13 7:04 AM

Hi Lane, thanks for your input and I'm sorry about the frustration this forum brings. Seth actually chose this forum platform and set everything up. The admins are simply volunteers who are helping monitor it. I'm sure Seth would be okay if we all switched to a different platform if everyone would prefer. This space is for us so if there is a better solution, let's do it! I would suggest emailing or messaging Seth to see what his thoughts are. 

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#7 [url]

Oct 9 13 3:33 AM

Thanks for the response, Jilyne. I certainly understand the concept of being handed something and having to make the best of it.

I'm not in a position to make a definite recommendation of an alternate platform, but I know some good ones are available. My own experience is with self-hosted systems, and if it is decided to go with one of those, I recommend you not get phpBB. I ran a forum with it for many months and found it extremely powerful, but also very complex.


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Oct 10 13 12:01 PM

In terms of sorting the forum posts, I wrote to the Lefora support. It seems that the sorting is set by the administrator. Is there anyone here with Admin priviledges that could fix this:

Hello, Click on the Blue Forums button on your Control panel or just use this link:

Next to a forum you wish to sort the topics, click on the small wrench icon to the right side of it. On the page that opens look under Forum Features and Default Topic Ordering. There will be a dropdown arrow with choices for you. Find the one you wish and click it. If it does not stick, and you have Firefox please try with that browser.

To view your support request, please visit

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Oct 10 13 3:57 PM

Topics appearing in random order

In the default sort order, topics appear as follows: First come the pinned topics (4, at present), which are the ones that administrators believe to be the most important. Next come the remaining topics, with the one having the most recent post appearing first, and so forth. The most active topics percolate to the top, while that have been inactive sink to the bottom of the list. Makes sense to me.

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#11 [url]

Oct 10 13 4:12 PM

Chropterist is right. Either someone fixed it or I was confused earlier! Now it defaults to newest first (after the pinned topics) and you can sort by the other column headings.

Now if we can only get categories, we will be set!


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